Everson Pines

"a little salty, a little swampy"


Chicken House EP

by Everson Pines


Everson Pines is back at it again with their second recording document: Chicken House, oh-so desperately trying to inject a little bit of rock and roll into a world that seems more and more headed towards an inorganic state of electro-schlock. Yes, there are crunchy guitars and jangley Wurlitzer keys, but there’s also some hooks, a few riffs, and some lyrical insight that begs the question “How DO you get back home from Fairhaven on a Sunday morning when you're still drunk?” and yet we can all consider it metaphorically, too, as a journey from somewhere we’ve been and erred, to somewhere (...better?) different.

The band teams up again with Producer Geoff Stanfield for this latest release. In many ways, Stanfield is like the 6th Pine in the grove, bringing his own musical sensibilities and aesthetics into the recording process, properly setting up the pins so that the band can knock ‘em down. The Beatles had their Sir George Martin, Fagen/Becker their Katz, Radiohead + Nigel Godrich... could this be yet another fruitful pairing of producer & band? And, is it un-ironic cliché pap to invoke the Beatles in a press release, or just regular dumb?

For many, many, many reasons it seems difficult for some folk to listen to music nowadays, especially music from nowadays, but you damned the odds against you and examined the art we, Everson Pines, put out. For that, we are appreciative.

1 - Low Life (feat. Adra Boo)
Trevor Lyon wrote “Lowlife” with the intent of having someone much more sassy and talented than he take the helm at vocals. Enter: Adra Boo, guest vocalist extraordinaire. The whole lot coalesce to turn out a two-part groove rocker, complete with occasional disco in the outro, as well as more Boo. Ms. Boo literally brought her infant child to the studio with her that day, and every single vocal sound you hear was done with babe in arms. True story. We have the video to prove it.

2 - Only the Good Ones
“Only the Good Ones” is a bitter lyrical diatribe masking as a Summery rock/pop song you play while casually driving down your local traffic-filled boulevard, but at least there’s a cool breeze.

3 - Daddy Plays in a Band
“Daddy Plays in a Band” is an ode to gigging musicians everywhere, partly inspired by (former) drummer Patrick Long and all of the kids he has. This song features a cacophonous ThunderSheet at time cues 2:50 & 4:58, as well as fun PRS guitar and Wurlitzer piano solos in the whole pre-Verse 3 vamp by Messrs. Nick NORDUS and Karl Benitez, respectively.

4 - Small Hands
“May you live in interesting times.”
-Old Chinese curse, U.S. politics, 2018

Above all else, please take note of bassist Eric Weisenstein’s signature “hot licks” throughout key moments of “Small Hands.”