Everson Pines

"a little salty, a little swampy"

this month's playlist

Spotify disclaimer: Yes, I love Spotify, you love Spotify, we all love Spotify. Its a convenient way to find new music. BUT, please know that artists make literally less than pennies from Spotify streams. The only artists making real money from Spotify are the ones that don't need it. For small artists (like us!) spending $5-$10 on their album goes a long way! So please support the smaller artists you're streaming, even if its as simple as going to see them live. I've included links to some of the smaller artists' websites in the monthly write ups. If you like what you hear, buy their record. It means a lot and you'll actually own it forever!  Thanks!

Seattle Rocks!

This month's random theme is songs from some of my favorite Seattle bands. Check 'em out!

All these bands could use your support! Buy their records here......

Sloucher, Pickwick, The Dip, Heels to the Hardwood, Dude York, Acapulco Lips, Dreamcatchr, The Hollers, Pacific Echoes, Josh Eacrett & The Lunatic Yard Dogs, Ghost Town Whistlers, Gabriel Mintz.