Everson Pines

"a little salty, a little swampy"

Check out our latest single "Low Life" featuring the incomparable Adra Boo! Recorded mostly live at Studio Litho in Fremont.

We set up some go pros. We set up some microphones. We rocked. In case you ever wanted a sneak peek into the glamorous world of basement jam sessions, this is it. We recorded this thing in the basement of Trevor's 85 year old home. The windows are blacked out. The carpet is not secured to the floor. The non functioning "bathroom" doubles as Nick's iso booth. The air smells faintly of stale rat shit. It is in many ways the perfect jam space. We recorded this new song mostly live, just overdubbing some vocals and Nick's sweet guitar solo (if you get one thing right, make it the fucking guitar solo).  We took one pass through playing our instruments per usual, and another where everyone in the band played percussion. We ended up with a fairly epic 6:30 minute long jam called "Indian Summer". It may not be brilliant, but its DEFINITELY rock n roll.

We couldn't afford to press vinyl, so this is the next best thing. Its the debut single from Everson Pines!